Loft conversions from Hertfordshire builders SJ Webster Building Services Loft Conversions

Adding an loft conversion to your home can cost less than you think. It adds value to your property.

Transforming empty loft space into a functional room, such as a bedroom, an office, a gym or simply for extra storage space is a very popular form of home improvement. Loft conversions are great because they add value to your home and can cost relatively less than you would think. However, there is a great deal of work involved in the process so it is best left to the loft conversion specialists such as SJ Webster. We have over 30 years' of experience in loft conversions in Hertfordshire.

The main types of loft conversions are roof window conversions and dormer conversions. Roof window conversions feature a window in the roof which will provide a natural light source into the room. Although this type of conversion will not require planning permission, it will be subject to building regulations and this is something that we adhere strongly to.

Conversions can feature a window space roof extension. This type of loft extension typically provides more space and headroom in the loft and increased staircase accessibility. These are aesthetically pleasing and therefore can add value to your property. You will require planning permission for a dormer extension.

Whichever type of loft conversion you choose, we will help you with the entire process from drawing up the initial plans to calculating the costs and obtaining the materials for you and building the conversion and fixing the fittings. There will be no hidden extra charges so you will be able to sit back and relax while we do all of the work for you in creating your new space which you will be able to enjoy for years and years to come!

If you are looking for builders to carry out loft conversions in Hemel Hempstead, Hatfield, St Albans, Watford or anywhere in Hertfordshire please contact SJ Webster: Build and Design.

Building extensions from Hertfordshire builders SJ Webster Building Services Extensions

We have done many extensions over the thirty plus years we have been in the trade. We have copious amounts of great reviews from very happy customers. We will be happy to show you some of the work we've done so you can see exactly the high level of quality that you will be receiving from us. We can produce well built, professional and practical extensions in any shape or size and to any type of property. Although building an extension can be very costly, it is most definitely going to add a significant amount of value to your home.

If you are looking to build an extension in Hertfordshire then please contact SJ Webster: Build and Design.

Whether you're planning an extension because you can't afford to move but you need more space or you just want to increase the value of your property, and weather you're building outwards, upwards or downwards, SJ Webster are the building specialists in Hertfordshire. A carefully thought through extension will maximize your living space and add to the value of your home.

There are different types of home extensions with the most common being loft conversions and conservatories. However, there are also extensions such as internal alterations, basements and single and multiple storey extensions. Internal alterations are not necessarily considered as extensions but by relocating particular walls in the home, it may be possible to create extra rooms or combine rooms to give your home a more spacious layout. Internal garages may also be converted into rooms giving you more living space. Single storey extensions can be built at the front of your home or the rear as can multiple storey extensions. If you are extending your home to house more people, have you considered that you may need to expand your driveway too?

New build houses from Hertfordshire builders SJ Webster building servicesNew Builds

We can accommodate any requirements whether it be a single, one-off house build or multi-house developments.

Building your dream home can be very exciting but it is a massive task. Once you have found the right location and designed your home, you will need to acquire the correct permits. You will also need to have the footprint of the house located. You will also need to consider access issues. We can appoint an architect to provide you with a concept design or we can appoint an architect to help you to develop your own design ideas.

You will need to consider how many rooms you want your new home to have and where you want the windows to be. You might want to position the windows in your new home to face the most aesthetically pleasing views. Kitchens benefit most of all from natural light at certain times of the day so you might want to consider cleverly positioning the kitchen westwards in order to gain the most benefit from natural daylight. We will advise you of the best window locations and window types for maximum insulation efficiency. South facing windows will bring in plenty of solar heat which will keep your home warmer. You will need to consider how you want your new home to be heated. A lot of new homes have under floor heating built in. This is very cost effective and you won't have to have unsightly radiators ruining the aesthetics of your new home. You may want to consider insulation for your new home, whether it be wall insulation, ceiling insulation or both. You will also need to think about what type of lighting you want.


We carry out housebuilding in all areas of Hertfordshire, but if you're outside this area then please get in touch and we'll let you know if we can help.


Brickwork by Hertfordshire builders SJ Webster


We undertake all types of brickwork, from common brickwork to extensive brickwork designs. SJ Webster has the experience and skill to complete any project. We strive for maximum quality and customer satisfaction. We work to very high standards when undertaking any work and understand the importance of our client’s expectations, from conception to completion.

Here are the different types of Brickwork that we can do:

Stretcher Bond Brickwork. This is the most common type of brickwork and is used for single skin 4 inch walls. Fletcher Bond Brickwork. This is a decorative bond and is used on 9 inch walls, especially retaining garden walls. Herringbone Bond Brickwork. This is a decorative bond typically used in square panels either above or below window openings as an attractive feature. Basket Weave Bond Brickwork. This is also a decorative bond and is used to add an attractive feature. English Garden Wall Bond Brickwork. This is similar to English Bond Brickwork except for the header course. The difference is that the short end part of the brick can be placed in at every 3rd or 5th course rather than every other course. Flemish Garden Wall Bond Brickwork. This is similar to Flemish Bond. The only difference is that the stretchers are placed in every 3 bricks instead of alternate ones. Dental Dog Tooth. This is an attractive pattern that can be used to split different levels in large walls or again, this can be used underneath a window opening to create a feature.

For expert brickwork builders in Hertfordshire please contact SJ Webster: Design and Build.


Groundwork by Hemel Hempstead builders SJ Webster


If you are planning a self-build, SJ Webster will guide you through every step of your project from checking over your design plans and making sure that everything is going to run smoothly before the works start. Setting out the foundations for your development in the correct way is vital. We can guide you through this. However, it is a job best left to us professionals. We are expertly skilled in this area so your development is in safe hands with us right from these first steps through to completion.

If SJ Webster are doing the groundwork for you, firstly we will drive pegs into the corners of your development site and spray lines of chalk between them marking out the boundaries. We will then dig out the trenches for the foundations of your new build. For Groundwork in Hertfordshire please contact SJ Webster: Build and Design.

There are some different types of foundations that can be laid depending on the quality of the ground. Trench fill foundations can only be used in the sturdiest of grounds, where the sides of the trenches are strong and capable of being very weight bearing. Generally, clay and chalk soils are perfect for trench fill foundations. Concrete for these foundations is poured to within 150 millimetres of the surface of the ground level. Strip foundations are another type of foundation. These are wider set foundations but they require less concrete because they are thinner. These foundations are generally 300 millimetres in thickness. We may need to step the foundations to keep them level if the development is being built on a sloping site. Strip foundations spread the weight of your development over a greater area and can be used if the development site has softer soils, such as sand.

Once we have dug the trenches out we will fill them with concrete and level it out and leave it to set ready for the next stage with will be digging out the trenches for the drainage system. We will carefully dig out the trenches to the correct gradient and then fill with gravel to an approximate depth of 100-200 millimetres in thickness to support the pipework. We will lay all of the pipework and then cover it with some more gravel before we backfill the trench. Your foundations are now complete and ready to be built on.

We cover all areas of Hertfordshire including Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Welwyn Garden City and St Albans.


Plastering by Watford builders SJ Webster


Plaster is a building material used for coating walls and ceilings before painting. Plastering is definitely a job you should leave to the professionals as it's very tricky to get the finish right. SJ Webster can give you the perfect finish whether it's an entire wall you need plastering or just a section that you need repaired!

Our experienced professional plasterers take great pride in providing an exceptionally high standard of finish to our customers. Domestic and commercial projects of all sizes are undertaken. For plasters in Hemel Hempstead, Watford, Berkhamsted and all Hertfordshire, contact us.


Plumbing by Hertfordshire builders SJ Webster


We install the newer unvented hot water cylinders and underfloor heating . Unvented hot water cylinders have become very popular over the last couple of decades. The hot water cylinder is fed directly by water from the mains supply. Therefore they operate at mains pressure so they give a much better rate of flow which means that your shower and bath performance will be improved. Underfloor Heating is a modern alternative to the traditional radiator and can easily be installed into a new build.

We work to install high quality water and heating systems with the minimum of disruption. Our team is experienced at designing and installing effective heating systems in a variety of properties be it commercial or domestic.


Electrics by Hatfield builder electricians SJ Webster


Interior and exterior lighting projects are undertake by SJWebster. Improving the security, aesthetics and safety of your property, commercial or domestic, is no problem for our skilled electricians. For skilled electricians and building services in Hertfordshire contact SJ Webster: Build and Design


New driveway builders Stevenage - SJ Webster building services


Driveways generally add value to your home. SJ Webster undertake all types of driveway construction and repair work no matter what your style requirements.

You may want to consider the weight of the vehicles being parked on the driveway while choosing what you want to have your driveway made out of.

There are lots of different options for driveway materials. The cheapest materials are pebbles, shingle or gravel. Making a driveway out of these materials is much simpler than some of the other options. However, the loose material will need occasional topping up. Natural stone in the form of slabs can also be used. This is another cheap option. Pavers can be used. These are small concrete blocks and are very popular and quite often laid in a herringbone pattern. Clay blocks can also be used and can look quite attractive but are more expensive than concrete blocks. However, clay blocks can attract moss and algae over time. Cobbles are also sometimes used. They come in lots of different shapes, sizes, textures and colours so you are bound to find some that will be suitably matched to the outside of your home.

Duckstone or Cobblestone can be found in many different colours and sizes also. They are similar to gravel but they need to be set into concrete. There are also more permanent and much more solid driveway materials to choose from such as concrete, tarmac or aggregates. If it's aesthetics that you are looking for though, concrete isn't the right choice for you. However, it is extremely durable and cheap. Tarmac is a popular choice but it is quite expensive. However, it will last for a long time so may be worth the expense. Aggregates are pieces of crushed rock. They are available in countless shapes and colours. They are set into a special clear epoxy resin and can look absolutely stunning. However, a driveway made with these will be very expensive!


Patio builders Hertfordshire - SJ Webster building services


As with Driveways, patios can also add to the value and appearance of your property. You can be confident that SJ Webster have the skills and experience to bring your property designs to life and create your perfect garden.

You will want your patio to be quite solid and level especially if you're planning on using it for entertainment, for example, dinner party's. The best materials are brick, cast pavers or flat stones, such as slate.

Loose materials such as gravel are not a great choice for a dining and entertainment area because they can be very uneven and uncomfortable to stand on and place dining tables and chairs on to. However, there are some loose materials that could be used such as crushed granite as it compacts well and can form a solid even surface.

We can help you to design your new patio if you like and we will help you to decide on the foundation material but the surface choice is entirely yours!

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